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How do I disable or enable BlockSmart?
Simply click on the BlockSmart “eye” icon located in the system tray. Select the Disable or Enable option. You will be prompted to enter your BlockSmart password.

Can I block a specific websites?
Absolutely! Just navigate to your settings on the blocking control console and add the domain of the website you want to block. There’s no need to enter the entire address. Example: add instead of This will block any website from Facebook.

Can I have different blocking settings for different people?
Yes! BlockSmart has the ability to create multiple settings profiles. Each profile can be configured to have different blocking settings. You simply add the desired users as members to each profile.

How long does it take to update blocking settings?
Only a matter of seconds! Simply log into your control console and add or remove the categories or websites you want blocked. The software will identify the change and automatically make the adjustment.

Is there a way to allow a single website even if I have a category block?
You sure can! Just go to the allow websites in under your settings and enter the website domain you wish to unblock. Example: add instead of This will unblock any website from Facebook.

How do I uninstall?
It’s easy! Simply go to your computer’s Control Panel. Open the Add/Remove programs list (may be called Programs and Features) and find BlockSmart. Select the Uninstall or Remove option. Once the software has been uninstalled the computer will no longer have websites blocked.

Can I install on other computers with the same account?
Yes! Simply go to the other computer, download BlockSmart again, and install. Once it’s been installed you can adjust your settings from your BlockSmart control console.